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HANOI Cheap Yuli Gurriel Jersey , April 1 (Xinhua) -- Parliamentarians at the Inter- Parliamentary Union (IPU) Standing Committee on Democracy and Human Rights held here on Wednesday an interactive debate on democracy in the digital era and the threat to privacy and individual freedoms.

The debate, held in the framework of the ongoing 132nd IPU Assembly in Vietnam's capital Hanoi from Saturday to Wednesday, was part of preparatory process for a draft resolution on the issue which is expected to be adopted at the 133rd IPU Assembly in Colombia's Cartagena in November 2015.

Participants at the debate shared ideas on challenges and opportunities for democracy in digital era, and fundamental roles and functions of parliament such as law-making and oversight of government activities among others.

Parliamentarians agreed that the digital era is bringing people many opportunities to communicate and receive information and to express their opinions. This is beneficial for democracy, as people can more easily participate in debate and decision-making.

At the same time, digital era also provides governments and companies with unprecedented technological means for gathering information about citizens' online activities. The need to fight terrorism has led to calls for more rigorous surveillance of online communications by intelligence agencies.

This poses a potential threat to privacy and individual freedoms Cheap Marwin Gonzalez Jersey , and to democracy. As a result, questions have been raised about whether citizen privacy is being eroded in the name of state security.

Privacy and individual freedoms have particular relevance for parliaments because of their importance for democracy and the ability of citizens to participate fully in political life.

Parliaments are said to have role in establishing a legal framework that protects citizens' rights and ensuring oversight and accountability for its implementation.

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No Fall capsules: It is a renowned herbal supplement which is extensively used for treating the problem of repeated wet dreams. This herbal supplement is the formulation of numbers of natural herbs.

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