Rangers Rougned Odor knows hes not a dir

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Rangers Rougned Odor knows hes not a dir

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Since punching Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista on May 15, Rangers second baseman Rougned Odor has been called a dirty player.Odor and his manager,Jeff Banister, say that's not the case. Odor, who comes from a baseball family Jim Thome Jersey , said he's simply an aggre sive player, but one who respects the game and its players.MORE: The most controversial players in MLB history "My dad always told me and my uncles to play hard all the time, respect your teammates and play hard. That's what I do," Odor told ESPN . "I know I'm not a dirty player. I'm just trying to play hard and respect the other team."I'm not that kind of guy. I know I'm a good player, I'm an aggre sive player but not a dirty player; dirty player and aggre sive is different. I just play like I know how to play."Odor was suspended eight games for punching Bautista, which started a brawl. Nicky Delmonico Jersey Odor was suspended four games in 2011 for getting Yoan Moncada Cool Base Black Jersey into a fight while playing forthe Cla s A Spokane Indians.He continues to play while appealing his latest suspension and Banister said anyone calling Odor a dirty player doesn't know the 22-year-old Venezuelan."I put my fist up for that one because that's the furthest from the truth, and when people say those things and they stand behind perception, do your homework before you develop an opinion," Banister told ESPN. "Do your homework and get to know a guy before you attack his character and his integrity, based on what you've seen; and here in our industry, it's very easy to cherry-pick certain situations and say, 'See, see?'"That's irresponsible for those people to form those opinions Miguel Gonzalez Jersey without knowing what the reality is."MORE: Players likely to be first-time All-Stars Odor's uncle,Rouglas,is the hitting coach for theColumbus Clippers, theCleveland IndiansTriple-A affiliate. Another uncle, Eddie Zambrano, played with theChicago Cubsin the early 1990s and minor league ball with Banister in thePittsburgh Pirates' farm system. Zambrano admitted his nephew's punch of Bautista was ugly and sad, Welington Castillo Jersey but said Odor is a pa sionate player who simply reacted to the situation."We should celebrate him instead of coming up with reasons why, 'Oh he's a dirty player,'" Banister said. "No, he's not a dirty player. No, not at all. He plays for his team and his teammates and tries to help them win a baseball game every night. And quite frankly, that's gotten rare."
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