ow up melons with guns and Pistorius is heard saying this: "

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ow up melons with guns and Pistorius is heard saying this: "

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(SportsNetwork. Patrick Mahomes II Chiefs Jersey .com) - After 30 minutes of the NFC Championship Game, it looked as if Russell Wilson had turned from Curt Hennig into John Blutarksy over one weeks time. The third-year pro, who entered the game as the NFLs all-time postseason leader in passer rating, was nearly Mr. Perfect in the divisional round against Carolina with a 149.2 rating but Dean Wormer could have been called in to announce Wilsons report card at intermission of the Seahawks improbable 28-22 comeback win over Green Bay because it read zero point zero. It took Wilson 26 minutes to complete a pass to someone other than the Packers Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix and he finished the first two quarters a dismal 2- for-9 for 14 yards with the 0.0 rating. The one thing that has defined Wilson during his short NFL career, however, is his steadiness and the signal caller persevered against a tough Packers defense before striking late, with the final salvo coming in overtime when Wilson went over the top of the Green Bay defense to find Jermaine Kearse for a 35-yard walk-off touchdown just 3:19 into the extra frame. With the triumph the Seahawks became the first defending champion to make it back the Super Bowl in 10 years. Statistically, it may have been Wilsons worst game as he finished 14-of-29 for 209 yards but he may have never proven more. We started off a little slow, Wilson understated, but our defense kept hanging in there and making plays for us. We just kept believing. Few who werent on the Seahawks sideline had that same outlook. Seattle is usually the home of The 12th Man but on Sunday, the NFLs noisiest crowd decided to sublet to Murphys Law, at least early on. Anything that could have gone wrong, went wrong for the Seahawks at CenturyLink Field as the Packers seemed primed to become just the third team to win in the Emerald City since Wilson took control of his team in the 2012 season. Outclassed for much of the afternoon by a perfect storm of penalties and five turnovers, including four interceptions by Wilson, all when he was trying to target Kearse, Seattle trailed 19-7 with only 2:09 remaining in its season. Wilson gave the Seahawks life from a yard out on a zone-read play and that heartbeat turned into euphoria on the ensuing kickoff when Seattle recovered an onside attempt at the 50 when Packers backup tight end Brandon Bostick bumbled what looked like an easy recovery. With the momentum shifting, the Seahawks needed just four plays, culminating with a brilliant Marshawn Lynch 24-yard TD run to take its first lead of the game. Wilsons desperate 2-point conversion heave across the formation was snared by Luke Willson to make it 22-19 with 1:25 left, an important play because Aaron Rodgers did his part, leading the Packers into position for a 48-yard Mason Crosby field goal in the waning seconds of regulation. The Seahawks won the overtime coin toss, though, and Wilson proved he wasnt getting paid by the hour. On a 3rd-and-7 play Doug Baldwin beat Casey Heyward on a go route from the slot and Wilson dropped it in the bucket for a 35-yard gain. On the next play, with the Green Bay defense on its heels, Wilson went right back to the well and hit Kearse on a post for the game-winner. I even told (offensive coordinator Darrell) BevelI I was going to hit Kearse with a touchdown, Wilson said. There was no doubt in this team. When we were 3-3 (on the season), there was no doubt, Wilson said. When we were 6-4, there was no doubt. When the score was whatever the score was and we needed two touchdowns, there was no doubt. When I threw that ball to Doug Baldwin, and I threw it to Kearse there was no doubt. There was plenty of doubt in the rest of us and that turned out to be a specious line of thinking. A guy who completed more passes to the Packers in the first half (three) than his own teammates (two) figured it out and extended his career record as a starter against Super Bowl-winning QBs to 10-0. There is no doubting Russell Wilson ... not anymore. Its because of this 12th man, God is too good man, an emotional Wilson said. Im just glad to be here on this team, and were going back to the Super Bowl. Patrick Mahomes II Jersey . The Thunder earned the Game 1 win with a 100-86 victory Saturday night. Oklahoma City dominated the first half and led by 22 at the break, but saw its lead shrink to just two points in the fourth quarter. Kareem Hunt Womens Jersey . -- Jose Bautista never worries about hitting homers during the regular season. http://www.chiefsstoreauthentic.com/authentic-kareem-hunt-chiefs-jersey/ . Spieth again showed game well beyond his 20 years with a 9-under 63 on the North Course, giving him a one-shot lead over Stewart Cink going into the weekend at the Farmers Insurance Open.Gerrie Nel, lawyer for the prosecution, finally got the opportunity hes been waiting for: cross-examining Oscar Pistorius. And he didnt waste any time getting down to business. In what was a relentless cross-examination, Nel set the stage early: Nel: "You killed a person. You killed Reeva Steenkamp, thats what you did. You shot and killed her. "Say Yes - say I killed Reeva Steenkamp." Pistorius: "I have a responsibility to Reeva and myself to tell the truth." Nel: "You will not hide things from the court." Pistorius: "Im human, I have faults, I have sins. Im a Christian. The Lord came down to this world for people who have sinned." Nel: "As a Christian you will not lie." And so the most critical confrontation of this trial began: seasoned litigator Nel versus Olympic double amputee Pistorius. Here are the key points covered in this first day of cross-examination. Pistorius: Intent To Kill Pistorius testified that not only did he not intend to shoot Steenkamp, he didnt intend to shoot anyone. Heres what he said, and as youll see, he made sure he was clear about it: Pistorius: "The discharge was accidental. I believed there was someone in the toilet coming out to attack me. I never intended to shoot anyone ... I went to the bathroom and felt in danger. I didnt have much time to think. I just discharged my firearm. I didnt intend to shoot someone. I shot out of fear. I didnt shoot at someone. I didnt intend to kill anyone...I didnt have time to think about what I was doing. I had finger on my trigger. I didnt intend to shoot anyone. I fired before I had a moment to comprehend what was happening." Nel: "Was the only way out for you to shoot an intruder?" Pistorius: "I didnt have time to think or not think about shooting an intruder. My life was in danger and I was worried what could happen to Reeva. People had been tied up on the estate before. Before thinking I fired four shots. When I realised the scale of what was happening I stopped firing. It was an accident, the way I discharged the firearm. I didnt intend to shoot." This is a massively important piece of testimony for Pistorius and a critical component of the trial. Heres why. Pistorius can still be convicted of murder if it can be shown that he intended to kill - period. It doesnt matter who - just that he intended to kill someone and that the force he used was disproportionately excessive given the circumstances. Remember, in order to make out the charge of murder against Pistorius, it must be shown that he had the requisite intent to kill and followed through on tthat intent. Patrick Mahomes II Youth Jersey. If convicted of murder, he would face 15 years in prison. So he wants to avoid a murder conviction and look to settle on a lesser charge of culpable homicide, which means killing someone by accident. If convicted on culpable homicide, he would likely only go to jail for five to 10 years. So despite firing four shots through a locked bathroom door at 3am, Pistorius repeatedly declared that he "didnt intend to shoot anyone" and the discharge was an "accident". These statements are designed to establish that Pistorius lacked the intent needed to make out a conviction of murder. Its not enough to say he didnt intend to shoot Steenkamp; he needs to say that he didnt intend to shoot anyone. Pistorius testimony shows that he was well prepared by his lawyers. He hit on the key legal points in ordinary English. However, the issue of plausibility remains. As Nel pointed out, "was the only way out for you to shoot the intruder?". For example, he could have grabbed Steenkamp and fled. This is the most important element from Day 1 of the cross-examination of Pistorius. Zombie Stopper Nel was relentless in his cross-examination. In part, that was designed to try and break Pistorius and push him to admit he intended to kill Steenkamp. One way Nel tried to apply pressure on Pistorius was by presenting the Melon Video. The video was also produced because it helped paint Pistorius as reckless and gun-crazed. In the video, Pistorius and friends blow up melons with guns and Pistorius is heard saying this: "Its a lot softer than brain but its like a zombie stopper." This was followed by Nels blunt question: Nel: "One can see the effect the ammunition had on a water melon. It exploded. You know the same thing happened to Reevas head?" Reconstruction or Reworked Evidence Nel also focused on inconsistencies in Pistorius statement to police right after the death of Steenkamp. Nel accused Pistorius of "reconstructing" or "reworking" his evidence. For example, in Pistorius bail application, he said that he went to the balcony to retrieve a fan. However, on the stand today he denied that. While some of these inconsistencies may not seem important, Nel told Pistorius they were in fact not "insignificant" as they show "you are lying." Before the trial was adjourned for the day, Nel made a point of referring to todays testimony as "Day 1" of the cross-examination of Pistorius. This suggests that the cross may continue for days. Indeed, there is more in store for the most critical witness of this trial. Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Jerseys From China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys ' ' '
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